A bold direction


At Megastar Technical and Construction Company, our vision is clear and resolute: to be the leading EPCCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, and Maintenance) company in Nigeria. This vision sets the course for our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Our Vision

To be the EPCCM company of choice in Nigeria

Our Vision Drives Us Continuously

As we chart our path towards this ambitious goal, we are guided by a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Our vision drives us to continuously raise the bar, setting new industry standards, and consistently exceeding expectations.


With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, we aspire to not only be leaders in the EPCCM sector but also pioneers of positive change in Nigeria’s construction and engineering landscape. Our vision fuels our determination to embrace challenges as opportunities, fostering growth and prosperity for all.


Join us on this journey as we work tirelessly to transform our vision into a reality that will shape the future of the construction and engineering industry in Nigeria. At Megastar, our vision is not just a destination; it’s a commitment to excellence that guides our every endeavor.

Our Commitments

We know that every decision has an impact


we are committed to the ideals and practice of Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities towards creating, conserving and ensuring a safe and clean environment for sustainable developmen


We look beyond sustainable construction with a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility by engaging in activities that directly benefit the community(ies) where we operate


We see projects through and proactively develop solutions to exceed expectations. Operational excellence instills quality principles that tangibly demonstrate success.

Our Core Values

Dedication. Excellence. Professionalism. Innovation. CSR. Trustworthiness.

At Megastar, our core values are Dedication, Excellence, Professionalism, Innovation, CSR, and Trustworthiness. These values drive our commitment to delivering exceptional results, upholding high standards, fostering respectful interactions, embracing innovation, and promoting corporate responsibility and trustworthiness in all our endeavors, shaping the future of Nigeria’s construction and engineering industry.

Head Office

100 East/West Road
Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt,
Rivers State

0803 542 7191, 08072090152

Bayelsa Office

100 Imiringi Road,

Bayelsa State


Bonny Office

Beside Pioneer Camp
By Long House Bus Stop,
Finima Town, Bonny Island


Uyo Office

Km7, Airport Road
Ibiaku-Uruan Uyo